RE Himalayan owner upgrades to Triumph Speed 400: Initial impressions

I’ve been an early bird customer for buying my Vento TDi, Jeep Compass and now the Speed 400.

BHPian TopSpeeder recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally got the delivery of my bike today.

My wife and I went to the showroom to pick up the bike and noticed more bikes parked on the ground and first floors, mostly Red and some Blue, those who completed the all formalities may expect the delivery soon.


I know enough about Keerthi, Nothing new or changed, I’m used to getting this treatment being an early bird customer for buying Vento TDi, Jeep Compass and now Speed 400. I have managed this by giving importance to buying good products and finding the right service centre later. But I know this varies from person to person, I’m not advocating which is the better way here.


  • I was asked to not rev up the engine above 6,000 rpm until the first service
  • Advised not to do delayed braking (Sudden Break), looks like some cushion is there between the pad and disc for initial protection which might wear more.
  • Engine oil is mineral oil used, it will be changed to synthetic oil during the first service.
  • Only one key will work, the other key needs to be programmed when required
  • Completed chassis number verification, unfortunately couldn’t check the engine number, it’s bottom of the cylinder looks like difficult to check it looks.
  • Signed a bunch of papers, Got the kit and was ready to ride.
  • The executive mentioned he will roll out the bike for easier access

About Ride:

Definitely enjoyed the ride, I was coming from Himalayan BS IV to Speed 400 and experiencing differences in power, comfort, suspension and experience.


  • Awesome linear power
  • Butter smooth engine
  • Excellent exhaust sound
  • Superb suspension
  • Simple working horse
  • NVH levels

more needs to be discovered


  • Nothing major
  • The muffler is not painted black colour, not sure why they left it.

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