Study: 50% car buyers won’t buy a vehicle without connected tech

The McKinsey study analyses the preference of both ICE & EV owners, which is said to differ significantly.

Connected technology is increasingly becoming an essential part of modern vehicles. New car buyers now expect access to online streaming services, over-the-air updates and real-time navigation in their vehicles. Having said that, most car owners prefer using smartphone-integrated features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, instead of factory-installed apps & services.

The importance of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto has increased so much that a new study by McKinsey states that 50% of new car buyers won’t even consider a vehicle without these connected features. However, carmakers are slowly moving away from offering Android Auto & Apple CarPlay support, which reports suggest doesn’t look like a smart move.

As per the study, customers are used to having these smartphone-integrated interfaces, and an overwhelming 85% of them prefer it over the built-in OEM system. This could become a problem for carmakers who insist that customers use their built-in connectivity features.

Tesla started the trend of not offering Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in their EVs. However, owners unanimously state that the brand’s navigation and apps are at least as good as the smartphone features, hence, most don’t consider either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay a priority.

The same though can’t be said about other carmakers. Rivian is refusing to offer Android Auto and AppleCarPLay despite desperate requests from owners. The EV maker’s current interface is said to be patchy, but the company believes its software will improve, and in the near future its customers won’t feel the need to have smartphone-projected apps.

The McKinsey study analyses the preference of both ICE & EV owners, which is said to differ significantly when it comes to software & connectivity issues.

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