‘I’m a car expert – push a little-known button if it starts raining’

A TikTok user has given drivers tips on how they can stay safe and avoid expensive repair bills when driving in the rain.

@chegeceping regularly posts short videos to his TikTok channel to help viewers improve their skills behind the wheel.

Whilst many motorists will turn on the windscreen wipers and carry on regardless, @chegeceping told drivers to always try to follow these steps.

He explained: “First of all we need to turn off this automatic start-stop function because the engine is easily stalls after the car drives through water.

“[When start/stop is turned on] At this time, the auto start/stop function will automatically ignite, water can easily enter the engine and the insurance company won’t pay out.”

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@chegeceping also highlighted that all drivers should know how to correctly use the demister in their vehicle to avoid the windscreen from fogging up.

He continued: “It is easy to fog up the windshield before driving on rainy days which affects driving vision.

“We need to turn on the defogging function of the windshield. Afterwards, all the fog on the glass will disappear.”

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Many motoring experts state that windows can be demisted faster if the driver increases the temperature of the heater, turns off air recirculation and dries the air by turning on the air conditioning.

Motorists may also increase the demisting process by slightly opening car windows to bring in drier air from outside the car.

However, others have suggested preventative measures, such as applying a thin layer of shaving foam to the windscreen to create a protective barrier.

However, it is also incredibly important for drivers to change the way they act behind the wheel during wet weather.

According to the Highway Code, motorists should increase their distance from the vehicle in front as stopping distances will typically be longer on a wet road.

In addition, it also advises drivers to slow down by easing off the accelerator if their vehicle’s steering is suddenly unresponsive due to the slippery surface.

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