New 2024 Audi Q6 e-tron: interior revealed with cutting-edge technology

Audi has given us a first look inside the new all-electric Q6 e-tron SUV

The new Audi Q6 e-tron will introduce plenty of new technology and now we have our first official reveal of the inside of the German firm’s all-electric SUV. 

We’ve already driven the Q6 e-tron in prototype form although the dash was hidden under wraps when we got behind the wheel. These new images show Audi’s new EV will feature a fresh cabin layout to accompany the new advanced PPE platform. 

  • New Audi Q6 e-tron prototype review

Straight away the most obvious new addition is Audi’s next-generation of its infotainment display. Three screens are laid out on the dash – an 11.9-inch virtual cockpit for the driver, a 14.5-inch touchscreen in the middle and for the passenger a 10.9-inch display. That screen on the passenger side comes with ‘active privacy mode’ which means it can display videos for the passenger without distracting the driver. 

The Q6 e-tron will also be offered with an optional augmented reality head-up display with information such as speed, traffic signs and driver assist functions. Audi has also redesigned the infotainment for the Q6 e-tron, based on Android Automotive. The voice assistant is ‘self-learning’, meaning it will retain data from previous commands to provide a routine. To the rear there’s a decent 526 litres of boot capacity – that’s more than the Mercedes EQC’s 500-litres and the 510-litres found in the back of the BMW iX3. 

The Q6 e-tron will go into production at Audi’s Ingolstadt factory this year, which the brand is converting to an all-electric assembly line to accommodate the new PPE bespoke electric platform. Audi says the platform will allow the EV’s battery pack to charge from five to 80 per cent capacity in around 25 minutes. A shorter charge using the fastest possible DC rapid charger can also add 186 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

The PPE architecture found underneath the Q6 e-tron will be shared with the next-generation Porsche Macan, which is due to be launched in 2023 as a full EV – sitting alongside the existing, petrol-powered Macan. Despite both the Q6 e-tron and new Macan sharing similar hardware and software, they will be visually separate both inside and out. 

The Q6 e-tron will be available in both ‘Sportback’ coupe-SUV and regular SUV guises and Audi has previously given us official images of the “production-oriented Q6 e-tron prototype” testing – the car pictured here doesn’t show any extra exterior detail but is finished in a lighter livery. 

Overall its an exterior design not too far removed from the likes of the Audi Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron. It will feature a closed-off, textured front grille flanked by a pair of dual LED headlights. Beneath we can see side air intakes with strakes. A full-width light bar with a signature similar to the one on the e-tron GT will mark out the Q6’s rear end.

We’ve previously spotted what could be a hot RS version testing and we can see the headlights have a new chequered flag motif, while the front bumper and rear diffuser are entirely different to those on other Q6 e-tron test cars.


Audi’s smaller Q4 e-tron starts from £51,325 and the larger Q8 e-tron kicks off at £70,195. The Q6 e-tron will sit between the two but, given the new technology and powertrain on offer, we expect it to be nearer to the Q8 e-tron when it goes on sale. 

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