Peugeot E-5008 Spied Showing Boxy Appearance For Future EV

A fresh batch of spy photos provides our latest look at what appears to be the upcoming Peugeot E-5008 electric SUV. The model may arrive next year but definitely launches by 2025 as part of the French brand’s electric vehicle strategy.

Compared to other spy shots of the new 5008, this one has a closed-off front end rather than an open grille. This is a design cue we commonly see on EVs because they have different cooling needs than combustion-powered vehicles. There are skinny headlights just beneath the edge of the hood.

Gallery: Peugeot E-5008 Spy Photos

The SUV’s overall aesthetic appears to be boxy. There are sharp edges on the front corners. The developers appear to put a concealment panel on the rear to hide the actual shape back there. No exhaust pipes are visible at the tail.

The profile view shows that the nose is blunt and has a short front overhang. The Peugeot rides on odd-looking wheels that don’t have traditional spokes but instead asymmetrical openings.

Gallery: New Peugeot 5008 spy photos

The images above show the combustion-powered 5008. It looks largely identical to the E-5008 in the latest photos. They even have similar wheel designs.

We don’t have any images inside the 5008 or E-5008. They would reportedly be optional with a third row of seats. The latest Peugeots like the E-3008 have a wide screen on top of the dashboard and lots of angular styling cues.

In January, Peugeot offered some details about its future electrified vehicles. A mild-hybrid-equipped combustion engine would be available in the 5008. The company is developing a 156-hp electric motor for the upcoming E-308 and E-308 SW. It would allegedly provide 248 miles of range in the WLTP cycle. There’s also a setup coming to the E-3008 providing up to 434 miles of driving distance.

Peugeot plans to have EVs available across its lineup by 2025. The automaker intends to sell only EVs in Europe by 2030.

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