Urgent safety warning issued to EV drivers and SUV owners

The vehicle payment company Vantage Leasing has discovered the types of cars that are most commonly targeted by thieves.

According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics, 405,872 vehicle offences were reported between March 2022 and March 2023, an increase of 13 percent compared to the previous 12-month period.

A spokesperson for Vantage Leasing highlighted that electric vehicles are particularly at risk of theft as many of the most popular models feature keyless entry and a high retail price.

They explained: “Electric cars are valuable, and they can be easier to steal than traditional cars because they don’t require a key to start.

“Keyless entry systems are becoming more and more common, but they can also make cars more vulnerable to theft.”

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Another kind of car that is commonly stolen by thieves are SUVs and crossovers due to their high ground clearance.

Whilst being high-up does not make the vehicle any easier to steal, criminals can quickly escape by driving over raised curbs without the risk of damage to the underside.

Older cars are also often stolen as they often featured fewer security measures such as tracking systems and can be easily stripped for parts.

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To help reduce the risk of their vehicle being stolen, Vantage Leasing’s spokesperson explained that drivers should aim to vary the places that they park.

They added: “If you have a specific car that a thief wants, they could be keeping an eye on you for days and weeks to keep track of your driving and parking habits.

“If you park your car in the same place every day, thieves can easily see what time of day the car is always left unattended and give them a window of opportunity, so try and vary your parking spot if possible.”

Additionally, Vantage Leasing noted that motorists of vehicles that feature electronically folding door mirrors should particularly be mindful about locking their car.

The majority of vehicles with this feature will fold the mirrors automatically when the car is locked, meaning criminals can use them as a way of knowing if it is easily accessible.

Drivers are also advised that they should hide desirable parts fitted to their car, whilst also raising awareness of security features to deter thieves, such as alarm systems and trackers.

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