Taking delivery of my KTM Duke 390; Initial impressions after 500 km

Speed 400 was already out of contention after a long test ride due to multiple reasons.

BHPian camitesh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got this beauty delivered last week!

Background Have been away from riding much for a few months due to a medical condition. With the situation improving, I intended to get one of the Triumph 400s. Had booked both the 400s in July and I was awaiting the test ride for the Scrambler 400x. Speed 400 was already out of contention after a long test ride due to multiple reasons.

Was in touch with KTM folks for their Adventure 390 lineup, but tried on the new Duke 390 once and booked it. All my life I’ve been strictly against being a beta tester for initial batches of any new vehicle but couldn’t hold back from taking a risk on this one

The entire booking-to-delivery experience was simply amazing, the staff and owner at Ahuja KTM Mumbai were outstanding at each step.

Here are some quick thoughts with approximately 500 km on the Odo.

1. The new engine is simply amazing. Doesn’t disappoint one bit. Even in the run-in period, it’s pretty fun with revs being under check
2. The handling is simply amazing, city roundabouts are fun even in crazy Mumbai traffic. Not a direct comparison but I feel the Metzeler is amazing in comparison to my Apollo Alpha H1 (these are new too) on CBR250
3. Heat management is pretty good, almost at par with my CBR250 in the city
4. The electronics package is amazing including the gorgeous new console. Everything that I have tried so far works as intended, including the quick-shifter
5. It Personal opinion but looks absolutely smashing in person
6. I like the adjustments on the suspension already, though I’m yet to explore its full potential. The changes are noticeable when you play around with the settings
7. Braking is good, and should get better in due course
8. At approximately 3.43 lakhs on the road with BH registration, this is a steal IMHO
9. Full tank range of >350 km

1. Vibey at low revs, came back with buzzing hands after a 200kms ride although I had good gloves on. Have to give it some time to get used to this innate nature of the motor
2. At 5.10, overall space is a bit of a concern. Didn’t feel this as much of an issue in a short test ride but the long ride was not exactly comfy. Will be going for an 820mm seat when it’s available.
3. Headlights have just below adequate illumination IMO. Will have to explore auxiliary lights
4. Rain mode map configuration seems a bit off for me. May be useful in tricky situations though
5. Can’t describe this well but the bike feels slightly unsettling under hard braking. Abs is intrusive and makes its presence felt. The bike does stop well as intended but not without some drama

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