Which used motorcycle under 5L for a 35 year old to get back to riding?

Now that I stepped into my mid 30s, I now feel young again and feel like riding a proper motorcycle.

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Just like most of the motoring enthusiasts out there, my passion for motored vehicles started with a humble motorcycle, a Suzuki Samurai (lucky to have experienced a 2-stroke motor) on which I learnt how to ride.

Then Honda Activa happened in 2005, which was a good commuting scooter but lacked that feel we get with a motorcycle.

Rode a Karizma 225 for 4 years (2008-2012) which was a peppy, trendy bike during that period.

Now that I stepped into my mid 30s, I now feel young again and feel like riding a proper motorcycle.

My budget is capped at 5L and I’m currently considering a pre-owned one.

Primarily looking at cruiser style bikes (First Preference = Harley but is it a wise call?)

Kindly pour in your views and share possible options for me!

Here’s what BHPian shiv4747 had to say on the matter:

Please share more details with us which would help us to pitch in better suggestions.

Such as

1. Shortlisted bikes

2. Riding pattern (city % + highway %) (weekly ride or every day)

3. With pillion or without

etc if any other.

Just sharing my story for your reference.

I am in my late 30s now. Till 30 I was riding 150CC and then I wanted to upgrade. The one bike I was inclined towards is Yamaha R3 which is still my crush. But due to some reasons I moved to RE 350 Classic gun metal grey. I used it for couple of years. But after multiple long rides and city rides I realised it wasnt my style. Hence I sold RE and bought pre worshipped R3 10k kms ridden. It was an amazing bike. I can ride it all day. I used it for city 60% and 40% for highway rides. Rode with pillion only for grocery. It was a perfect ride with decent maintenance.

Now I am owning a Ninja 300 pre worshipped(5k kms when I bought) 2021 model. Since the Yamaha has stopped selling, the spares take time to come at present. I am glad I sold it last year mid. I am pretty happy with Ninja 300 which is used for city + highways. Also pretty decent for pillion for around 50 kms ride. I have ridden few long rides 1500 kms in 2 days. Not so much tiring. Maintaining 100 to 120 kmph in highways, Fuel economy is 33/34 kmpl which I am really happy about.

Maintenance is pretty high though compared to R3. But the Ninja is worth it.

Let me know your thoughts and details.

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If you replace Samurai with Rx & Karizma with CBR 250R without changing Activa including the year, we’ve near identical life with motorcycles; regarding age, I will consider myself in mid 20s hehe

Anyway, when I had to undergo this, I asked one pertinent question – What is the purpose?

Since I didn’t cap the budget, I was open to all including Harley & RE. My purpose was simple: To ride far & wide across the nation on roads & some non roads. But then reality kicked in asking: 1. What is that I cannot do with my C250R? Answer: almost none

2. How many Kms am I able to do with my C250R? Answer: None!!

So even that purpose changed to: No single cylinder, something powerful, comfortable, reliable that can do 120 easily all day & push to 160 if needed

Once emotions settled down, PFC kicked in to points such as:

1. Wide spread ASC

2. Motorcycle should not be a girl friend to ensure my wallet stays dry!!

3. Should have a minimum of 3 or better 4 cylinders

4. Should have a forward leaning posture

5. Should not be a crowd magnet

Discussed with friends & TBhp, went for GT650, landed up owning Interceptor 650!!

Did it meet all my requirements? Ofcourse no, but for sure it certainly met many of my expectations. Most importantly, staying practical.

Imagine this: I was longing {and still} to buy Triumph Tiger; I would by crying in blood to see the Tiger idle in garage most of the time. Glad that wasn’t the case, wisdom kicked in through friends.

So my suggestion to you will be to ask – What’s the purpose? Because the novelty of owning a new {or even used} toy fades with time, but if you really have a purpose, then the novely remains when the purpose is met for a longer period.

Here’s what BHPian antz.bin had to say on the matter:

I had similar requirements (apart from the big & bold part) but a budget only permitting up to the RE 650s (which is not too far from your 5 lakh budget if you consider the Super Meteor 650).

TRed everything within that budget and LOVED the Continental GT 650 but eventually went for the Triumph Speed 400 because it felt just right to me.

Anyways seems like the Triumphs won’t fit your Big and Bold requirements but the RE 650s definitely will.

Honda and Bigwing Topline motorcycles have a poor track record when it comes to spares availability. Keep that in mind before you cough up for the Rebel.

Harley numbers are just about to start looking up with the launch of the x440 so I wouldn’t worry about HD running away again. But you never know with American companies.

If I were you, I would stick to the RE 650s. They are large enough in size and the Interceptor is a good place to start a customization journey and you could make it just like you want it (one of a kind) while still retaining the ability to get service and support from the massive RE service network all over the country.

I understand that a V-Twin engine would make your motorcycle instantly identifiable and bold but it is a risk you choose to take when buying used.

Here’s what BHPian Anantinspired had to say on the matter:

You are in a boat that is sailing towards a shore I suddenly find myself on! Having booked a single cylinder Hero-Harley x440 on the booking opening day of July 4th, I realised I wanted my 35th motorcycle to be a bit more special than just practical as always.

I also booked an interceptor then, a logical next step of budget choice, but over many test rides post booking, realised it’s an ergonomic harassment that needs effort, expense and adjustment. Adding to that, the weight of both it and the super meteor are inconveniently felt in many urban situations. Cancelled it, felt huge relief!

While considering other motorcycles I started talking to friends who had stood tall with their experience and knew my riding patterns. One of them was Farhan, who is a keen rider of litre class Supersport for over a decade, but is also publicly known for his being the best anchor for Mahindra Mojo, with his showroom NAFS motors, Bangalore that sold the MOJO till the last day. He not only sold, serviced and modified the MOJO as an authorised dealer but also ensured the motorcycle reached eager customers across the country, supporting them with spares and service since the Mahindra network was too weak to do so! NAFS and Farhan therefore are well known across several Mojo and touring groups as the saviours for anything to do with Mahindra Mojo. My relationship with him started when he was with the KTM Kawasaki showroom in 2013, then continued when I bought a Mojo. I was always in touch and found his perspectives most decisively valuable when buying motorcycles across other brands over the past 10 years.

Anyway, upon contacting him for a private chat, I was delighted to know that since Mahindra had closed down the MOJO, he was making use of the showroom and service facility to start a Used Superbike dealership. I headed over that very day. Exactly as I expected, Farhan had a select stock of the best premium brands and motorcycles that were superbly selected by his informed eye for their quality prior ownership, condition and minimal usage.

Over 20 used cars and a few bikes, i have found in my past 30+ years of automotive purchasing, that in the used market, that’s really what it is! Not the size or scale of operations, but the perspective of the person owning the used motor vehicle business. If they are passionate automotive enthusiasts, they will never lose their reputation and pride over a reason for profit.

With his trained eye and team, i observed that Farhan ensures each motorcycle is truly a gem in its condition. I was also looking for an easy cruiser, and amidst the many Supersport and ADV out there, was standing a Triumph Bonneville Street Twin 900cc. Elder doctor owned, just 10k done, well maintained and barely looking used. Since I didn’t know much about the model, having never considered it previously, I took a week to do thorough research, each time going back to correlate learning, and Farhan was most patient in allowing inspection and innumerable test rides.

I was sold! And in a matter of a week, at a price not far ahead of your budget, I have the motorcycle which is putting a big smile on my face even as I type about owning it, let alone riding. Its quality, finish, feel is all top tier, and I assure you, no RE or any other alternative in this genre, will showcase quality in every cable, weld or bolt, like a Triumph does. To add, the age old saying – there is no replacement for displacement – definitely hold merit, with a staggering 80nm of torque that puts this heads and shoulders above anything else that you may be considering new in a 5 lakh budget. Like you wondered, the only concern is reliablity when buying used, but upon finding the right ally, don’t hesitate to step in.

What the street twin 900/speed twin 900 duo do as a cruiser you can get many reviews on, but they are triumphs best selling models internationally for a reason. With triumph opening many showrooms rapidly, promising over a 100 by March 24, I think even the authorised support base should be covered. Not to add these are otherwise mechanically simple motorcycles that are easy to maintain.

As a parting point, I also noticed NAFS motors stocks several TS registered motorcycles…and had customers from across states. Personally, if I was in your state (both mentally and geographically) I would reach out to them once, the nafs.motors page on instagram has a-customer-a-day happiness to view.

I felt like replying in such detail, for your budgets and motorcycling intent at the moment, resonated with mine. I hope you reach a good shore of conclusion soon, cheers and all the best with whichever way you go!

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